Here are my other technical projects and applications:

1. QkView


QKView provides you to create and share quick reference guide, cheat-sheets, quick view notes online. Have a look at an example

2. FEDe:

fede techbrij search engine Our Apps

FEDe is a search engine for Front-End (HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery) Web developers based on top sites, forums and blogs built using Google CSE. It has separate tabs in search result for Smashing (for Smashing Network sites), Stackoverflow, Beginner ... etc.

3. NetBrij:

NetBrij is a search engine for .NET developers having special tabs like MSDN, Stackoverflow, CodeProject, Forums... etc in search result page.

4. BrijPad:

BrijPad Our Apps
BrijPad is MS Office style an online text editor for fast web development. It has common operation like to add/remove line number, prefix, suffix, HTML & URL Encode/decode. The main objective of BrijPad is to generate bulk controls from excel data. You can convert CSV format to HTML Table also. You can convert Long string to code, flip code. You can get more details here.

5. Tweets By Post-Wordpress Plugin:

Tweets By Post WordPress Plugin displays post wise tweets at the end of your post based on configured criteria. It handles twitter feeds, including @username, #hashtag, and link parsing post by post. It's very helpful to show old post with related latest tweets.

6. Dammani Family Tree:

Dammani Family Tree is my personal project to show family relationships in a conventional tree structure for Dammani cast.

7. Final Year Projects:

This section offers different Projects, Seminars reports helpful for final year students of professional courses, check following: