Add widget to page instead of sidebar in wordpress

Generally, it is required to add widgets (different from sidebar widgets) in specific page to simplify jobs. Suppose you have to show RSS feeds in specific wordpress page then it is better to add the RSS widget in the page to make life easier. Widget is placed only in sidebar. Can sidebar be customized as per custom layout?
The answer is YES.
You can create sidebars as per your requirement, place them in the page where you want and add different widgets in different sidebar.
Let us take simple example. Suppose you have to create custom page where widgets can be added then see following steps:

Convert MS Word document or Excel sheet to images (JPEG)

Someone asked me how MS Word document can be converted into JPEG images. It was very interesting practical question because It can’t be done using Save As.. option. One way is to use Print Screen, paste it in paint and remove unnecessary stuff. But, for this, the whole page should come in screen else we need to merge two screenshots. It is too complex process. On googling, I found there is no direct way to do this. There are 3rd party tools. but, I want to do this in easy steps. At last, I got solution using Microsoft Office OneNote.

Selection tips for MS Word

This article explains the selection tips to simplify the common tasks in MSWord.

1. Select multiple areas that aren’t next to each other: Generally, it is required to copy multiple portions of document. It is not convenient to copy one by one and paste it. We can do it in single attempt.