Programmatically select an item in dropdownlist by text

Yesterday, I got following question:
Q: I have dropdownlist(say country) and the datasource is datatable having countryname, countrycode columns. I have to select proper country in dropdownlist from the text. I don’t have value(countrycode) to select. How can I do this?

How to Display Featured Post with Thumbnails Without Plugin

1. Display featured post with thumbnail.
2. Title will be placed below the thumbnail.
3. Featured posts will be randomly selected and must show default thumbnail if no thumbnail is defined for the post.
4. All selected posts must appear together, no slider to navigate.
5. It must not use any script(Not good for SEO) or plugin.

A Simple Rounded Corner Slide Tabbed Box (Content Slider) using jQuery

1. To create a content slider.
2. It must have rounded corner content box.
3. It should be cross browser compatible (not using css3 rounded corner style…etc)
4. Random link on tabs should not create any problem in sliding.(means infolinks, kontera…etc)
5. It should be simple.

Site Traffic Increases After Google Panda Update

To reduce the search engine rankings of low-quality sites, Google announced a new update ‘Panda‘ on Feb 24, 2011 in Google US. The change impacts approx 12% of search queries. It is rolled out globally on April 14, 2011 to all English-language Google users.