A Robust Way To Handle Asynchronous Requests Using jQuery 1.5+

jQuery 1.5 includes a number of improvements in Ajax/asynchronous events and introduces new Deferred callback management system. It provides flexible ways to provide multiple callbacks. Let us take an example to understand deferred punch. The objective of example is to call two Asynchronous methods (asyncMethod1,asyncMethod2) and other method(finalMethod) when both asynchronous methods are executed.

New Features in BrijPad 1.1

Approx one month ago, I launched BrijPad – An Online Fast Development Tool. First, I thank you all for giving feedback. I have received lots and it is wonderful of you to take the time to read and comment. I got some expected points and some new points to make it attractive. Being a weekly blogger, I can’t go fast, but have added some required functionality and new features. This post explains the new features and functionality.