Naming Conventions & Coding Standards for .NET Web Developers

Naming conventions in programming languages have potential benefits to reduce the effort needed to read and understand source code and provide better understanding in case of code reuse after a long interval of time. It’s a initial step for beginner to learn any programming language and It later becomes a habit. Here are some good resources for .NET web developers.

Copy/Extract HTML Dropdownlist Options in Plain Text

You want to copy HTML dropdownlist(combobox) options from a web-page. You do right click on dropdown list. Oh my God !!! There is no option to do it. This article explains how to extract dropdownlist options using Notepad++.

Redirect to Stream as File Attachment to Download in ASP.NET

Generally we need to convert stream as file attachment in to provide export functionality. The main objective is to convert stream as file attachment without creating any file on server side. So I created a common method which takes stream as input and gives as file attachment in response.