Online Ticket Booking System using ASP.NET

In my previous post, I explained how to implement seat reservation with jQuery. In this post, you will see how to use it in ASP.NET project to save and retrieve data from database. It can be used in online Bus, flight, hotel, exam support, cinema and ticket booking system.

Seat Reservation with jQuery

In my Online Bus Reservation System project, I got queries from many people about how to implement seat selection screen effectively. So, I decided to write on it. This post explains how to implement seat booking with jQuery. It can be used in online Bus, flight, hotel, exam support, cinema and ticket booking system.

jQuery Popup on button click instead of link navigation

I see there are a lot of jQuery popups. Mostly work on link navigation means when you click on link then it will show popup. Suppose you want to show popup on button click then here is the simple trick to do this. I take fancybox jquery popup for example. This will call ajax.php. For this, I take a link,set display none and trigger it on button click.

Error establishing a database connection – WordPress

When I imported production database and configured code on my local dev machine, I got this error even I had updated wp-config.php with correct information. I fixed the problem after some changes. This article explains troubleshooting steps to fix this error.

Setting up XAMPP(Apache) with IIS on Windows

If you are a web developer or .Net blogger, you may want to run Apache and IIS on your dev machine. There are two ways to do this:
1. Keep IIS as it is and update XAMPP for different port
2. Keep XAMPP as it is and update IIS for different port
Let us see how to implement each case step by step.

Create A Simple Wizard With jQuery

A wizard is a sequence of dialog boxes to guide users. It’s more convenient to perform complex UI tasks which has more conditional controls depends on user input. This article will show you to implement wizard with jQuery.