Display Flickr based User Profile Photo using PhpFlickr

In your web app, If you don’t want to store images on your hosting to save space and bandwidth, Flickr is the best option for you. Flickr is the most popular online photo management and sharing app. phpFlickr is an open source wrapper class of Flickr’s API to upload and retrieve pictures and related information. This post explains how to display user photo in profile page when user logs in.

Quick View of ASP.NET UpdatePanel Control

UpdatePanel control is used to perform partial-page update means you can refresh selected parts of the page instead of refreshing the whole page with a postback. In this post, you will get UpdatePanel behavior in different cases without reading more paragraphs or code…:). Let’s consider each button will update text of all labels. Now see following diagram, Check sign(✔) indicates the label’s modification is displayed and Cross sign(x) indicates no display of changes.

How to Add Your Facebook Page To Your Profile

It’s not about copy and paste Facebook page link into profile options. I see some Facebook profiles having their page list in left side bar. So, I decided to add my TechBrij page to my profile in left side bar. If you are a Facebook page owner and want to show or hide your Facebook page link with your profile, See following steps:

Stylish ASP.NET Wizard Control with Horizontal Sidebar on Top

Our objective is to customize asp.net wizard control sidebar as stylish horizontal step navigation on top without any image. First, we will disable existing side bar and use header template to create own sidebar. See following screen-shot which we are going to implement:

jQuery .attr() vs .prop()

jQuery 1.6 introduces .prop() function and separates DOM Attributes and Properties, it raised a lot of questions about the difference between .attr and .prop functions. Before going jQuery, let us understand DOM Attributes and Properties. See following line

Fix Google Adsense Blank Ads Issue

A few months ago, I faced this problem and figured it out. I would like to share my experience so it might help you. See following steps to figure this issue.