Testing Web services or REST API Easily with Poster Add-on

If you are developing a web service client, you access web services, pass parameters and test the response to know the behavior of service. It can be easily accomplished using Poster Firefox add-on. You can create your own HTTP request with custom parameters, perform the action (GET,POST, PUT, DELETE..etc) and inspect the result. It saves bunch of time to create web-service based application.
Let’s see sample to use Poster.

Google Adsense: Leaderboard (728 x 90) vs Link Units as Navigation Menu

In my recent post, I shared my Google Adsense placement experiments. I have updated my theme several times to make it more user friendly and focusing on content and to experiment Adsense placement. Ads shouldn’t irritate the user, so I decided to keep one of Ad Units (Either Leaderboard or Link Unit) in header. I used Link unit as navigation menu with theme colour combination and supposed to have Good CTR and LeaderBoard unit just below the menu as in following image.

Displaying Total in ASP.NET Gridview Footer Row Without using Template Field

There are tons of articles to display total in asp.net gridview footer row. The common approach to implement this is:
1. Create template field of the column which is to be totalled.
2. Define FooterTemplate and add Label control.
3. Take a variable and add value of each row in GridView1_RowDataBound event.
4. Find label control in footer and assign the variable.
It’s too complex. Let’s see how to take advantage of LINQ or Lambda expression and skip these steps.

Sequence contains no elements : LINQ error

If you are using LINQ or Lambda expression and getting error: InvalidOperationException “Sequence contains no elements”. It means you are trying to retrieve an element from an empty sequence(may be returned by LINQ query). There are some basic rules to handle this in LINQ or lambda expression.

FEDe: A Search engine for Front-End (HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery) Web developers

Generally, A Web developer or designer want to search in his/her favorite sites first, but too complex to search in individual site one by one. Being a Front-End developer, I decided to create a search engine based on top sites, forums and blogs for HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. After NetBrij(A Search engine for .NET developers), BrijPad(An online text editor for fast development), The next is FEDe (free from ‘Brij’ keyword :)). It’s a search engine for Front-End (HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery) Web developers based on Google CSE.