The Best Android Applications For Daily Use

Smartphones have entered in different business domains. Recently, Android Market exceeded 10 billion app downloads—with a growth rate of one billion app downloads per month. In my recent post, I explained basic things every Android user must know. Now it’s turn to apps. There are different type of apps, I’ve tested some apps and compiled a list which can be a part of your daily life. My objective is NOT to install so many apps, but app must be high productive.

HTML Table Row Grouping with jQuery

It’s easy to group data in SQL statement, but if you have to display it using HTML table, It’s not drag and drop as in reporting environment. One way to group on server side and draw tr td accordingly. But If it is already created with tons of functionality attached, It’s risky to change. Don’t worry, you can do it easily with jQuery.

Display File Download Count in WordPress

In some posts, I’ve attached source code and files allowing user to download. Now I’m interested to check how many times file downloaded and how to display it with download link as in other sites. I found different WordPress plugins like WP-DownloadManager, Downloads Manager, WordPress Download Monitor, WordPress Download Counter..etc. All are doing file management perfectly, But I like WordPress Download Monitor the most. It allows you to upload files, store it on your server and share it with your readers. You can install and activate it easily as normal plugin.

Month Range Picker using jQuery UI Datepicker

In this article, we’ll implement month range selection feature in which user can select start and end months to get monthly data and we don’t want to add one more external library for this if jQuery UI is already being used in the project. We’ll use jQuery UI date-picker to show month and year only to select month range.

Run Your Custom Script Quickly with SSMS Tools Pack

Suppose you have to do a task repeatedly with different objects of database, for example, you have to generate code or stored procs of table in the specific format, you created your custom SQL script which takes table name and generate the code. But each time, you have to execute query and pass table name.
What’ll happen If you right click on the table and select your script to execute. It’ll save bunch of time as well as stop you getting irritated :) Let’s see how to do using SSMS Tools Pack.

Dynamically Enable or Disable ASP.NET Validator and Page.IsValid

In my post, I discussed different client side APIs and Methods of validator Controls. Now suppose if you have customized validation on client side, what’ll happen on server side? We need to do same on server side. Let’s understand this step by step by taking same example. Suppose you have to disable password’s requiredfieldvalidator when ‘Allow me‘ checkbox is true. You have disabled validator on checkbox click using ValidatorEnable javascript method. Now on server side button click, if you validate and check for isValid, it is always false and you will see error message in validationsummary even if checkbox is checked. Client side bypasses validation but on server side it’s stucked and our object is defeated.

Received Google Adsense Cheque

Happy New Year to all TechBrij Readers !!! Hope, you are going well to fulfill your new year resolutions. I am happy to announce that I have received my Google Adsense Cheque. I am a big fan of Google Adsense and have written some tips and placement experiments. It motivates me to write a lot more and share experience.

4 Things Every Android User must Know

Android is open source and fully customizable mobile platform. It offers a full stack: an operating system, middle-ware, and key mobile applications. It is estimated more than half of the smartphone market belongs to Android. I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Ace and got a chance to use Samsung Galaxy Note also. I decided to share my experience for new Android users.