Moderate Google Docs Forms Data and Share Filtered Data Only to Public

If you are using Google Docs for Forms or Surveys, You might be getting lots of fake (spam) form submissions. The situation becomes more critical when you are sharing data, survey result or summary report to public and It would mislead the objective of forms or surveys. By default, Google forms doesn’t support Captcha to stop spam submission. But you can’t block spammers. In this case, you want to moderate the data and share approved/ filtered data to public.

Happy Holi

Happy Holi (A festival of Colours) to all TechBrij’s readers.

The world’s Lathmar Holi of Braj has its own identity but also the colors of Bikaner in Rajasthan has fun, frolic with the particular style. The festival of Holi means not only with water balloons, pichhkaris or water guns, gulaal, bhang and mithai but also mutual love and unity in society.

Convert ASP.NET Gridview OR HTML Table to Wizard using jQuery

In my post, I explained how we can create a simple wizard using jQuery. In this post, we’ll see how gridview can be displayed in wizard format. Sometimes, gridview is used to take input from user when multiple fields are required many times. It is not user friendly, We can use wizard but not easy to handle on server side as in gridview. So, It’s better to convert ASP.NET gridview to jQuery wizard. So, no need to change on server side and UI is also more user convenient. We’ll convert gridview structure to wizard structure as explained in this post and use wizard.js.