Visual Studio Code: Debugging ES6 Mocha tests with Babel

In my post, I explained how to test server side REST APIs in Node.js using Mocha, Sinon and Chai. I used ES6 test methods for this and Babel is used to execute it. As test methods are executed at development end, so NO need to transpile ES6 to ES5 first and then debug the converted files. You can directly debug ES6 code with Babel.

API Versioning, Express Routers and Node.js

Do you want to set up an API versioning in Node.js and Express environment? This tutorial explains the different ways to do REST API versioning step by step. We will implement the following routing for the versioning:

GET /api/v1.0/
POST /api/v1.0/
GET /api/v2.0/
POST /api/v2.0/

Node.js: Traversing A Directory Recursively with Limited Depth

In this post, we will implement to get all files recursively in a directory using Node.js. Also, will restrict it to traverse directory with limited recursively depth.

Before we get started, consider the following directory structure(For simplicity, the name is according to their depth level i.e. folder 1, sub folder 1.1, sub sub folder 1.1.1…etc):

1 > 1.1 > 1.1.1> >
2 > 2.1 > 2.1.1
  > 2.2

Each directory has txt file with same directory name(means 1.1 will have 1.1.txt file).

WordPress: Disable 404 Redirect to Homepage

If you don’t know what 404 error is, It is an error displayed on when a user requests a web page that couldn’t be found on their server (i.e. the requested webpage is not available). In this case, If you are redirecting (302 redirects) to home page then it is confusing for end user. Definitely, you should avoid 302 redirecting for non-existent URL. Probably you don’t want to send a low quality signal to Google and other engines if they are testing how 404’s are being handled by requesting a noexist page. The best solution is to create custom 404 page having search box saying “Did you mean …?

In this post, we will see how to prevent 404 Redirect to Homepage in WordPress.