Nov 12, 2010

jQuery: Common Operations on DropdownList (Combobox)

This post explains how you can perform common operations (like get/set selectedvalue, selectedindex and selectedtext .. etc) of dropdownlist (combobox) using jQuery. Let us take an example to understand:

Aug 28, 2010

Create Dynamic DropDownLists in

1. Create dropdownlist dynamically with autopostback property true
2. Keep dropdownlist during postback
3. Maintain selected value during postback.
Here is the sample for this.

Aug 28, 2010

Retrieve value of Dynamic controls in

The main object of this article is to access value of dynamic controls which are generated conditionally. For this, we will save viewstate of dynamic controls.
Suppose we have one dropdown and one button. When user selects “Generate” option, the Dynamic table will be generated. In each cell of table there will be textbox. User enters value in the textboxes and click on button then it will display all user entered values.