‘Tweets By Post’ WordPress Plugin (Part-1 Installation)

‘Tweets By Post’ WordPress Plugin adds post wise tweets at the end of your post. It handles twitter feeds, including @username, #hashtag, and link parsing post by post. It supports displaying profiles images, and even lets you control number of tweets. you can set default twitter settings or tweets criteria(very helpful for existing posts) and update it post by post.

Sharepoint search in document library/list programmatically (using C#)

In sharepoint, it is generally required to limit search to a particular list or document library and display metadata properties. The example below shows an example FullTextSql query using the PATH managed property to limit your search to a particular list, and then the results are used to create the list item. You can bind results to gridview and can show metadata properties.You need to pass document library url and search text in the following method:

NetBrij – A search engine for .NET developers

As I am working on .NET technology, I feel there are some sites/blogs/forums having enough information for common .NET development. I get the major solutions from the sites. So, I decided to create a custom search engine on the basis of the sites/blogs/forums.