April 16th, 2012

Add Social Slider (Facebook like box, twitter and Google+ Widgets) in Your Website

Today, Social media is a great way to promote websites, blogs, apps and events. For a website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ widgets become must have parts to get public interaction, generate traffic. If you add Facebook Like box, twitter status and Google+ widget in your web page, it takes too much spaces and it makes webpage too complex. So, alternate is to use icons only and on mouse over display corresponding widget. To attract user, make these icons fixed floated.

social slider floated techbrij

How To Add:

1. Open “Social Slider Generator” page from here:

2. Enter Facebook fan page URL, Twitter user name and Google+ Page ID.
It’s not mandatory to enter all fields, If you want to add only Facebook and twitter, enter Facebook and twitter information only and leave Google+ ID blank.

3. Click on ‘Grab the Code‘ button, copy generated code and paste it before </body> tag in your page.

4. If you are getting error: jQuery is undefined or $ is undefined, it means jQuery is not available.

For WordPress blog, Put the following code in your header.php file in the <head> section:


before following line:


For a simple website, add following line in HTML head tag:

<script src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.0/jquery.min.js”></script>

5. It’s compatible with the latest browsers. It might not work with older browsers.

Be Careful:

It’s really a great widget, more attractive with less web page space. you can ask me what it means to be careful. One thing you need to keep in mind before using this widget…what???
If you are using Google Adsense in your website, Widget must not cover any part of adsense unit.
Otherwise It violets adsense policies.

Here’s what it says in the Program Policies…

“Google ads, search boxes or search results may not be… Obscured by elements on a page.”

The thinking is that if you place a navigation element over an ad, an accidental click could be generated.

If you want to use it, use Google leaderboard ad unit in header or footer OR ads in right side bar.

Enjoy Social Digital Life !!!

  • Hey Brij Mohan Dammani, i added this at my blogger blog, the tab is add but when i go to tab area its not expand and not working well can you please guide me what to do now ???

  • Could you provide me any sample link to test?

  • great work and work perfectly on wordpress. but…two question if possibile: is it possible to modify dimension on the images of the slider? I mean…creating something like the one from arscode. The second question is the possibility to add pinterest as badge…should be great! Ah, I’ve installed it on the widget section into the php widget and it works perfectly (no need to modify the header) 

  • Guest

    This is great, thanks for sharing. Please answer your queries though, can this be placed left or right or even on the bottom. My guess is maybe not as the image is https

  • Very nice widget :)

  • Australo S.

    the facebook like is not showing, only the the blue facebook tab, but the inside is blank, how can i fix it, pleaseeeeeee???

    the other two are working well

  • Moodswing

    any chance on making the code so itll be on the right side?

  • Dear Sir,

    When I Use This Widget Then facebook & Twitter Is Working Not Google Plus Id is Not W=Showing Can YOu Plz.. Tell me What Should Is DO ..

    FOr That

  • prakash aryal

    how to expend it please show my blog

  • Neema

    I got the same issue.
    My Facebook and twitter widget comes up nicely, but for Google+ it comes up blank.
    Can anyone please suggest here.

  • Jan Pokorný

    Hello. Using it on Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 this widget is permanently rolled on. What could cause the problem? (http://www.igarden.cz)

  • Just change every “left” in the code to “right”

  • Abdur Razzak Sumon

    Could you provide me any sample link to test?

  • i have added in my blog. but when i click facebook/plus they don’t expand. pls check my site and give me solution Business Knowledge for all

  • sujana


    There is no textfield for entering the twiitter ID,only for google plus anf facebook..Please help..I need the listed 3.

  • Twitter has deprecated its earlier public API, so it is removed few months ago.