Hisaab is Completely Free with No Ads

Hisaab app is now completely FREE with NO Ads. It means now you can have all premium features:

    • Unlimited Accounts
    • Unlimited Photos Upload
    • Unlimited Budgets
    • Unlimited Templates (Recurring & Non-recurring)
    • No banner, full screen or any type of Ads

Working for charity and to serve society is part of our culture. I put a lot of effort and have spent much time (even restless nights) on it. I would be happy if it is useful and helps in any way. As I am one-man army from developer to product manager, It is a practical exercise of a complete cycle of product engineering for me which was one of the main objectives. 

Setup WordPress Development Environment with WordOps & WSL2

This guide shows how to install, configure and manage a WordPress site with WordOps and WSL2 in Windows 10.


WordOps is a management tool for WordPress on the LEMP stack(Linux with Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP). It simplifies WordPress deployment by automating the installation and configuration of various dependencies.


With WSL(Windows Subsystem for Linux), Microsoft enables you to run Linux distros directly on Windows 10 without using any Virtual machine platforms(VMWare, VirtualBox..). In this tutorial, “Ubuntu” distro is used for the development environment. It is assumed you have already WSL2 setup on Windows 10.

WSL 2: Run Ubuntu Services on Windows 10 Startup

Do you want to make WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) automatically start all your Nginx, MySQL, apache2… etc. services at startup? It is a common requirement for a developer.

With WSL, Microsoft enables you to run Linux distros directly on Windows 10 without using any Virtual machine platforms(VMWare, VirtualBox..). Once you setup your development environment in Linux distros, the next step is auto-start services on Windows 10 reboot. This post will explain the steps to do that.

Hisaab v3.1: Manage your Bills & Receipts

Do you want to organise your bills, receipts systematically? You might have a drawer full of receipts, bills or invoices in your house or office. But, when you need any receipt, you might be facing continually shuffling through your receipts. It is a huge paper-clutter pain.
In this digital era of the world, you can keep your receipts by photos in your mobile.

Hisaab v3.0: Recurring Transactions, Templates and More!

Recurring Transactions is one of the most-awaited features. We got many requests in play-store reviews, in mails and via other channels. Basically, It will allow user to setup entries that are repeated at regular intervals (e.g. fixed rent or insurance to be paid every month).

In Hisaab v3.0, we’re excited to introduce recurring entries along with other new features. Let’s go through the updates in this version and about how it works.

New Year, New Hisaab as Your Budget Manager

Happy New Year 2021 and Welcome to Hisaab 2.0!

In this new version, you can use Hisaab for managing your budgets. You can define your budgets based on Expense Category, Payment Method or Overall budgets criteria. It will show you how much you spent and remaining amount in progress-bar based on your defined criteria. It helps you to make wise decisions and plan for the future. It supports weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and custom budget types and you can set recurrence for the budget.