Jun 22, 2020

Introducing Hisaab (Daily Expense Tracker with Offline Speech Support) for Android

Today, I am excited to introduce Hisaab (Daily Expense Tracker) Android app which supports speech recognition for quick input and works OFFLINE also. It will help you to note your incomes/expenses and calculate the total amount quickly. You can classify income and expenses by categories and payment methods. Also, you can search and view different reports.


In Ubuntu/Linux, It is not so easy to draw flowchart and diagrams. Thanks to draw.io – free online diagram software for making flowcharts, UML, process & network diagrams..etc.

Very easy to use and highly recommended!

Jan 5, 2020

Setup Deep Learning environment: TensorFlow, Jupyter Notebook and Visual Studio Code

Few days back, I decided to setup development environment for deep learning on my Windows 10 laptop. In this article, I would share my experience in setting up a system typically for Data Science developers. Although I used Windows 10 but the steps will be same for Linux and Mac OS.

Being a developer, need IDE for coding and not fan of browser based editor. Jupyter Notebook is favourite tool for data scientist and we can’t skip that in case of data science. Fortunately, VS Code supports Jupyter notebook. You can now directly edit .ipynb files and get the interactivity of Jupyter notebooks with all of the power of VS Code. We will go through it.

Jan 5, 2020

Python: Data Visualization With MatPlotLib

This article explains how to perform different types of data visualizations in Python using Matplotlib – a Python 2D plotting library. Instead of covering features of the library, we will see the practical scenarios of data visualizations used in machine learning/deep learning. We will import pyplot function that allows us to interface with a MATLAB-like plotting environment.

To install Matplotlib, run following command in Python environment:

pip install matplotlib

I am using Python 3.7.6, Matplotlib 3.1.2 and Windows 10 environment for this article.

Jan 5, 2020

Python: Ternary Conditional Operator

For a developer, Ternary operator is one of favorite thing to make the code compact and easily readable. This article explains different ways to implement Ternary operations.

In other languages like Javascript, ?: symbols are used for ternary operations.

<condition> ? <expression_on_true> : <expression_on_false>

Python 2.5+ added following syntax:

<expression_on_true> if <condition> else <expression_on_false>

expression_on_true will be evaluated if the condition is true, otherwise expression_on_false will be evaluated.

Jun 13, 2019

Inspect JSON Easily with BrijPad 2.0 (New Features)

For a web developer, it is common to view & analyze the JSON returned by an API to the browser and generally, Chrome Developer tools is used for this. You can click on Network tab, select the XHR item and can get JSON in Response and Preview tabs in Chrome developer tools. Fortunately, there are quite a few free online JSON viewers that you can use. Now, BrijPad 2.0 also allows you to inspect and analyze JSON quickly. You can paste the JSON code and visualize the data. I saw many online tools but didn’t get any tool which filters JSON by selecting field in TreeView (It is very helpful in case of large JSON) so I decided to implement it and added it in BrijPad 2.0.

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Mar 23, 2019

WordPress: Customize Title in RSS Feed and Get it from Excerpt

Recently, I introduced #TechBrijTips, A micro-blogging section on this website which has content like twitter posts. It is different from regular blog posts as it doesn’t have any specific title. So I had a question what to display in the RSS feed of WordPress. It doesn’t look good to me to display first few words of the main content. I decided to display title from Excerpt. In this post, we will see how to implement it.

Feb 24, 2019

Introducing #TechBrijTips for Micro-blogging

The beauty of Microblogging is that you can express yourself in lesser words and can share frequent and brief information on web. As its name suggests, a microblog post is based on micro (i.e. short) post. It requires less time and effort. Ideas, information and thoughts can be shared instantly once they come into your mind. So, I decided to setup Microblogging platform on TechBrij and added #TechBrijTips section to share knowledge, tips, the latest news and useful resources related to web development. As it needs less time to spend on researching a specific topic, being a part time blogger, it will be helpful to increase community and reader engagements.

Feb 19, 2019

RabbitVCS: A TortoiseGit for Ubuntu

I am fan of TortoiseGit on Windows as Git client. It displays icons on files and folders of the repository in file explorer which is easy to know the status. You can perform different repository operations in the explorer itself without open a standalone app for Git. Nowadays, I am using Ubuntu so much. So, I need the same in Ubuntu 18.
On googling, I found RabbitVCS. It is a graphical front-end for version control systems available on Linux and it integrates into file managers to provide file context menu access to version control repositories like TortoiseGit.