Jan 19, 2011

10 Blogs Every ASP.NET Developer should Follow

The world is continuously changing, A web developer should ready for the new technologies. To know the latest news and developments, gain knowledge, share information and give opinions, millions of people around the world follow blogs. Being an ASP.NET dev, Here is the list of my favorite ASP.NET blogs with twitter links

  1. Scott Guthrie (twitter)
  2. Scott Hanselman (twitter)
  3. Phil Haack (twitter)
  4. Stephen Walther (twitter)
  5. K. Scott Allen (twitter)
  6. Rick Strahl (twitter)
  7. Scott Mitchell (twitter)
  8. Nikhil Kothari (twitter)
  9. Jon Galloway (twitter)
  10. Joe Stagner (twitter)

Please feel free to add a comment with your favorite top asp.net blogs.