Nov 15, 2011

How to Add Your Facebook Page To Your Profile

It's not about copy and paste Facebook page link into profile options. I see some Facebook profiles having their page list in left side bar. So, I decided to add my TechBrij page to my profile in left side bar. If you are a Facebook page owner and want to show or hide your Facebook page link with your profile, See following steps:


1. First open your Facebook page and click on right side "Edit Page" button.

2. Select "Featured" option from left side bar.

3. Select "Add Featured Page Owners" button.

4. Select your name as a featured owner and click on Save button.(If you don't want to show, deselect your name)

5. Now your profile photo will be displayed in Page Owners option.

6. Open your home page or profile page, you will get the page listed in left sidebar as in below image.

Facebook page add

Facebook has over 500 million users that access their accounts almost on a daily basis. It's helpful to get more traffic on your page and website. Share your opinion in below comment box.