Apr 25, 2013

Introducing Online ASP.NET MVC 4 Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheet (a concise set of notes) serve as reference tool having simple, brief instructions that offers fast help. If you are a developer working with different programming languages or different versions of languages then you know the logic but might face problem of syntax because of language overflow or out of practice. In this case Cheat sheet works as memory refreshing and productive tool.

Being a .NET developer, I have created online ASP.NET MVC 4 cheat-sheet. Click below to view it:

asp.net mvc 4 cheat sheet

It has a set of notes having different colors. I covered Basic application folder structure, Different HTML Helpers, Attributes, Data Annotations for Model, View related properties and methods, Action methods..etc. For some topics, I have added more details, you can get it on "more" link.

I didn't add ASP.NET Web API in this sheet.

Hope, It helps. All suggestions are welcome to improve this cheat-sheet and Don't forget to share if you like.