Mar 27, 2011

BrijPad: An Online Text Editor for fast development

After a long time, I am writing this post. I have been getting many feedback for the tools. To make it more simple, I decided to create an editor for the tools. I have implemented and gave the name ‘BrijPad’. It has functionality of the tools in new way in MS-office style with some new features. Here are the quick view of BrijPad.

Home Tab:

It provides all basic operations like delete blank lines and duplicates, sorting, add/delete line number, prefix and suffix etc. See following video:

Convert Tab:

It has basically ‘Find & Replace’ like options. It is common task for a developer to convert quotes and change line breaks, tabs to other formats. For this, Quick Replace group has Quote Operation and common find replace operations.
the following options are in Encode/Decode Group:
HTML Encode
HTML Decode
URL Encode
URL Decode


It is the most important feature of this editor. You can create bulk HTML controls on single button click. Suppose you have to create checkbox and need to define string to be displayed for the checkbox. In input controls section, First you need to select proper option for this:
Add Text: It will add text for the control.
Use Label: It will use label tag to define the control.
No Text: Only control code will be generated.
See following video to create bulk html controls:

Similarly, you can generate HTML list

You can convert CSV format to HTML Table also.

Advanced Tab:

It has following groups:
Flipper: It is used to interchange left and right data means it will convert a=b to b=a. It is very helpful to save the coding time. If you have developed code for retrieving data, it will swap code and no need to do complete code for the save functionality and vice-versa.
It has 2 options
> JS/C#/PHP Style code: semicolon separated code
> VB Style code: New line separated code

Long String To Code: Generally it is needed to assign a long string(may be long query or dynamic content) to a variable. If you don’t define Max Length, It will use existing line breaks otherwise string is divided with the given length. It automatically escape the quotes.

Custom Format: In this you can define your own format using following syntax
{0} – to define where your input data placed
{n} – show line number
{n+2} – show line number starting with 3
{n-2} – show line number starting with -1

Feedback Tab:

If you have any suggestion or found any bugs, please submit a message in feedback section.

Hope, It would be very helpful for designers and developers.

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