May 8, 2011

New Features in BrijPad 1.1

Approx one month ago, I launched BrijPad – An Online Fast Development Tool. First, I thank you all for giving feedback. I have received lots and it is wonderful of you to take the time to read and comment. I got some expected points and some new points to make it attractive. Being a weekly blogger, I can’t go fast, but have added some required functionality and new features. This post explains the new features and functionality.

Separate Input and Output:

It is the most required feature. In previous version, Same textbox is used for input and output. For developer, it’s no problem because they are familiar with Ctrl+Z (Undo) functionality. but it is confusion for non-developers. So, in this version, I have added splitter to differentiate input and output. Now, user can see both what it gives and receives. The result can be used as input for next operation by clicking green left arrow on top of result box.

brijpad splitter

Data Tab:

It is for .NET developers to generate datatable/list code. Generally it is needed to create datatable or list programmatically to implement or test functionality in the absense of database. So, I created Data tab to generate test data. User has to enter column name and datatable with dummy data is generated on clicking button. Similarly, user has to define fields and corresponding generic list with dummy data is generated. User can define number of rows(default: 10). By default, data type is string, but user can define datatype explicitly in the parenthesis after name and corresponding data is assigned to the field in the generated code. Right Now, only int, double, bool, datetime and string datatypes are supported. To test drive, click on ‘Example Data‘ and click (datatable or list) button to generate code.

Data brijpad datatable list generator

Improved Flipper:

In previous version of flipper, the formatting of code is distorted. Now it is preserved.

Don’t forget to give feedback in the Feedback tab of BrijPad if you have any suggestion.

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