Feb 18, 2010

Convert MS Word document or Excel sheet to images (JPEG)

Someone asked me how MS Word document can be converted into JPEG images. It was very interesting practical question because It can’t be done using Save As.. option. One way is to use Print Screen, paste it in paint and remove unnecessary stuff. But, for this, the whole page should come in screen else we need to merge two screenshots. It is too complex process. On googling, I found there is no direct way to do this. There are 3rd party tools. but, I want to do this in easy steps. At last, I got solution using Microsoft Office OneNote.

1. Open Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

2. Insert > Files as Printouts

File as Printouts option in onenote

3. Select the word file which is to be converted in image and click on insert button.

4. You will get all pages of selected document in OneNote similar to this.


5. Now Right click > Save As …


6. It will ask to save as jpg. Give name and save it.

You can do same for Excel sheet.

Hope, It will save your time. If you have any other tips to do this please discuss in the comment box.