Oct 03, 2010

Fast Development with Free Online TechBrij’s Tools

It was on my mind since last year to create free online tools for fast development but didn't get a chance. One week ago, I had free time and started to create some tools. Today, I have finished some tools and just deployed on server. This article explains how we can increase productivity and do fast development using these tools.

1. Text Formatter: This is my favorite tool. In this tool, You have to give data in specific format like comma separated, semi colon separated..etc and a format using {0} then all data is converted in the given format. It is very useful when we are assigning web page control's value to member variable or retrieving value from member variable. Another example is to create static country name dropdown in html. See following:

tool text formatter techbrij

2. Format Converter: In this tool, You can convert the data in one format to another. You need to specify current data separator and desired separator and convert it on button click.

3. Convert to HTML table: It is very useful when you have to create static table from excel sheet data. Copy excel sheet data, select tab separator, click button and get HTML table. You can choose other format also.

BrijPad: I have combined and added all above features in BrijPad online development tool.

If you have any suggestion and feedback to improve tools, Please write in below comment box.

Hope, It helps.