Nov 3, 2011

Fix Google Adsense Blank Ads Issue

A few months ago, I faced this problem and figured it out. I would like to share my experience so it might help you. See following steps to figure this issue.

1. Make sure you are strictly following Google adsense program policies and didn’t get any mail about blocking from adsense.

2. Make sure you don’t have adblock installed or no block for adsense in server firewall/ security suit.

3. First test in another browser(chrome/firefox/IE) and see whether it’s working. It would be better if you could test on another PC.

4. Check adsense sandbox for your site and see whether it shows ads.

5. If you have not received first payment and earnings have reached $10, Google sends PIN number for verification process. Make sure, you have verified PIN number. If no, wait for PIN or request it again from your adsense account.

6. If you are using wordpress/Joomla..etc CMS. It might be due to configuration. So create a test HTML page and put adsense code, upload it independent from CMS and see whether it works.

7. Your privacy policy must be adsense compliant.

8. Use Adsense Troubleshooter

Blank ads only on few pages:

If ads aren’t showing on specific pages, there is a problem with that individual page. The most common reasons for ads not showing are a lack of text (don’t count images and videos) or the use of stop words (all the common swear words plus others they have decided aren’t family safe).

It’s also possible that there are no advertisers for the keywords in your page’s content. Either you get them PSAs (Public Service Ads) or a blank ad block. To remedy this, you could use alternative ads in place of the blank spots. See here for specifying alternate ads.

Hope, It helps. Share your opinion to fix this issue.


  1. Hey Techbirji, My ads are showing but note all, like my page have total 6 ads but they all don’t show up together sometimes 2-3 shows, sometimes 1, sometimes 4. I had tryed all basic steps like clear my website cache but nothing helps, Can you solve my problem by giving me a quick suggestion, Have a great day.

  2. My problem is still not solved. I’m using wix, on the main page the ad does show up (from a wix widget and not a pasted code). In my blog I can only use the code and it doesn’t show up:

    1. is your problem solved now, mine shows just a blank white space gap in the front of page instead of ads…

  3. Hi,
    I have the same problem (Empty Google Ads) but few times. I put an empty page with analytics code only so I could figure out the frequency of empty ads. I found a lot of page previews of that empty (alternative) page.

    I am worried about the empty ad frequency, it is too high. Now I am wondering what could be the workaround of this problem? What if I use alternative ad when google ad is empty then what you will suggest that what should be ad network?

    Help me out!!

  4. when i typed my website url in the search box on that Adsense sandbox, it displays those ADs for my url… So plz what must have gone wrong that its not displaying on my website

  5. you well explained..!!!,but i have a doubt => my ad sense account is approved on 05/04/2017 and i’m tried to put some ads on my blog ,but which shows some blank spaces instead of ads,how can i fix this?can you help me?
    my blog :

  6. Hey i new to blogging and adsense, i have activated my account through adsense but still my ads r showing blank. As i did some research and it mentioned that it would take about 1 week to 2 weeks to be fully activated.

    I just wanted to know should i wait for two weeks lr is there any other way.

    Please check my blog is it good enough for adsense?

    1. hi ..

      (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

      Please note . if you remove ” ca-pub- ” from Line 1 and if you remove line no 2 . you will get AID . but i dont think this is the way .. my AID is also showing blank ..Please advice me ….

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