Oct 08, 2010

Flipper: A Developer Tool to save your coding time

Flipper (Now added in BrijPad) is a online web utility to swap left and right code with respect to specific char(flip char) means it will convert a=b to b=a. It is generally required for a developer, When a form is displayed, it is needed to get data from database and assign to form controls something like this:


Now, During saving, Reverse operation is required means get data from the controls and save to database. It can be done easily using Flipper.

For this, Select separator and flip char and click on convert button. In our case, separator is semicolon(;) and flip char is "Equal sign(=)". Click on convert button,you will get flipped output. You can use this output for save operation.


It saves a bunch of time. Enjoy it.

Update: Visit BrijPad, it has flipper in simple way.