Apr 1, 2011

Google Adsense Tips: My Adsense Placement Experiments

If you are regular user of this blog, you notice that the theme and Google Adsense placement are changed many times. I have done many experiments related to Google Adsense placement. Here I am sharing information regarding the impact of Google Adsense ads position on different places.

First, I started this blog with 2 column theme. See following screen-shot:

google adsense placement experiment

This is for 2 columns home page layout. In this, I used Link Unit(728×15) in place of menu, one banner before posts and a rectangle slot in side bar. My expectation was about number of clicks in (1 > 2 >3) order, but I was wrong. When i saw adsense report, it was in reverse order(3>2>1). I thought it might be accidentally, but i got each time same result approx.

google adsense placement experiment

This is for 2 columns post page layout. It is similar to home page except i use large rectangle slot(336×280) below post title. Again, I thought number of clicks in (1> 4 >3) order, but it was in (4 > 3 > 1) order. My mind ghost related to menu style adsense slot was entirely gone.

After writing different posts on different categories, I felt there should be place where i could define all categories and visible to main screen. So i updated 2 columns theme to 3 columns theme and created a separate column for categories and again got chance to experiment with this theme.

google adsense placement experiments

This is for 3 columns home page layout. I use Leaderboard (728 x 90) top and bottom of the posts and removed link unit menu. Now the number of clicks are in (6> 5> 7) order.

google adsense placement experiments

This is for post page and number of clicks are in (4>6>5) order.

If i compare both 2 columns and 3 columns layout.
number of clicks on 1 is approx equal to 5.
number of clicks on 3 is greater than 6.
and top position for Google Adsense placement is position 4 in both cases.

The number of clicks depend on different factors like type of ads, keywords..etc. I share it for my blog. If you have different results or opinions, Please share it in below comment box.


  1. The simplest solution is to display learderboad dynamically with javascript. If browser width is greater than 728 then load adsense script with document.write Otherwise load other adsense unit script.

  2. I’m busy working a responsive web layout which will also have learderboad 728px adsense. from what I understand you can’t hide google ads, so i’m wondering is there a solution for when a users resolution is smaller than 728px. what is allowed for large ads in responsive web layouts?

  3. Nice post. I too trying various adSense placements in my blog (http://qualitypoint.blogspot.com/) and my experiment results are coming similar to yours.

    And, I have noticed that you are using infolinks ads also.

    is it giving any revenue? I heard that cpc of infolinks ads are very low. Is it true?

    Shall I try infolinks? Will it give any negative results (e.g page loading issue, adsense CTR reduction) ?

  4. It depends how you are implementing. If you are using large rectangle middle of the post then you need to define the location in each post. It is not suitable when there are lot of existing posts. I believe left justified is better then right because human eye perception is left to right.

  5. Good research Brij….What do you think about using the large rectangle and wrapping the post around it? Do you think left justified is better than right?

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