Jun 22, 2020

Introducing Hisaab (Daily Expense Tracker with Offline Speech Support) for Android

Today, I am excited to introduce Hisaab (Daily Expense Tracker) Android app which supports speech recognition for quick input and works OFFLINE also. It will help you to note your incomes/expenses and calculate the total amount quickly. You can classify income and expenses by categories and payment methods. Also, you can search and view different reports.


More than 2 years ago, I launched Hisaab Online tool. I got many requests to make it mobile native. I started to work on it. But due to some reason, my focus shifted to learn AI/ML/Cloud technologies. Few weeks back, I was going through my backup folders, found the app so decided to work on it because I didn't find any app which works in the way I want. In two years, many things have changed. I upgraded the libraries to AndroidX, did work on UI part and added some more features. The main goal is to make it very simple and easy to use. Personally, I am not fan of material design.


Intro in 30 Seconds

If you don't want to spend more time to go through the post or the whole demo, here is quick working view of Hisaab - An Intro in 30 seconds:


  • Enter your incomes and expenses very easily
  • Provides speech recognition technology for quick input.
  • Supports offline speech recognition.
  • Classify Income and Expenses by category and payment methods.
  • Visualize your income and expense report data using different charts.
  • Easy to search the incomes and expenses.
  • Different Reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, By Payment Methods & By Categories.
  • Choose the currency format
  • User friendly and intuitive navigation.

Speech Input

Select language (Hindi or English), click on Mic button, you will get progress bar.

Speak your item with amount and silent for a while then you will get the text below progress bar and your item is added.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

For online version, you have to start speak after beep sound. By default, it uses online version.

For offline speech, first, you need to download files.

If your device is not able to connect online Google speech server then you will get the steps dialog to enable offline mode:

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

The steps may vary on different devices with different OS version, but once you download them, it will be displayed in your installed list.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

Note: It needs some practice for speech input. It depends on many factors like speech speed, internet speed for online version,...etc. If you are not comfortable, you can use manual input.

Quick Tab

If you are gonna do multiple entries belong to same category/payment method or wanna use speech input, Quick tab is the best way to do.

First, you can enter all items with their amounts by speech input or manual form.

In bottom of Quick tab, you will get number of records and total amount.

Click "ADD TO EXPENSE" or "ADD TO INCOME" button, it will ask for date-time, category, payment method and move all entries to Expense or Income respectively.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

Expense & Income Tabs

It will show your expenses or incomes grouped by date with total amount for a month. You can change Month by month picker.

In top left, Payment Category toggle to view Payment or Category information in the grid.

You can click on "ADD NEW" button for new entry or press on any row to edit entry.

The total amount will be displayed in bottom right.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker


In Income & Expense tab, you will get Search option in app tool bar. It will populate a dialog with keyword, start date, end date, payment method or category. You can put any criteria and get all entries matching with criteria in search result.

One good thing is that it allows to edit the entry from search results by just touching the row.


In Reports tab, press on top left to select "Report Type", top right to set date range for the report and select "Table" in bottom options to get data in tabular format.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

Currently, it supports Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Payment Method, Expense & Income Category Report Types.

You can visualize the report data using different charts by selecting "Chart" option in footer.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

These powerful graphs help to know where your money is going and to analyse your incomes & expenses easily.


You can do add/edit/delete Payment Methods, Expense Categories and Income Categories.

Also, you can set the currency for the application.

Android Hisaab Speech Expense Tracker

Data Privacy

We do NOT store anything you type or say in the app on any of our online servers. Anything you produce on the app, remains on your device unless you explicitly choose to share it with one of your contacts or another app. We use Google's speech recognition software for transcription and so your speech is securely sent to Google's servers and NOWHERE else in online mode.


Download Hisaab app from Google play store.

If you have feedback, ideas or requests, please put in the comment box. I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to give rating in the Google play store. If you like Hisaab, Please share it with your friends and on social media.

Enjoy Hisaab!!