May 24, 2012

Useful JavaScript and jQuery Libraries, Plugins [May 2012]

I’ve used different javascript libraries in different projects and realized to prepare a list of commonly used javascript/jQuery plugins every web developer should know. In this post, you’ll find the list which might be valuable for your upcoming projects.

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  1. Autogrow – auto-growing textareas(as the user types it will expand vertically to accommodate the size of the entry).
  2. BlockUI – simulate synchronous behavior when using AJAX, without locking the browser(generally use for pop up, dialog).
  3. ckEditor – rich text and WYSIWYG editor.
  4. ClueTip – show a fancy tooltip when the user’s mouse hovers over (or, optionally, clicks on) any element.
  5. ContextMenu – to create context (right-click) menus.
  6. Downloadify – download of text files without server interaction.
  7. Flot chart – produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side having interactive features like zooming and mouse tracking.
  8. HoverIntent – To delay or prevent the accidental firing of animations or ajax calls.
  9. Infinite Scroll – pre-fetching content from a subsequent page and adding it directly to the user’s current page similar to Facebook.
  10. jEditable – inplace editor plugin for jQuery.
  11. jHtmlArea – WYSIWYG HTML Editor for jQuery(lightweight and easily customizable).
  12. jqGrid – for representing and manipulating tabular data (client side grid).
  13. jqPlot – plotting and charting plugin.
  14. jQuery Cookie – lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies.
  15. jQuery Form – jQuery Form Plugin allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX.
  16. jQuery UI – to build highly interactive web applications with rich effects, animations, widgets..etc.
  17. jsTree – cross browser tree component.
  18. Masked Input – allows a user to more easily enter fixed width and format input.
  19. Multiple File Upload – select multiple files for uploading quickly.
  20. MultiSelect – Multi Select Dropdowns.
  21. PrettyPhoto – lightbox clone. Not only supports images, but also for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax.
  22. ptTimeSelect – To select Time from timepicker.
  23. ScrollTo – Easy element scrolling using jQuery.
  24. Turnjs – Flip book (Page Curl) effect.
  25. uploadify – to upload multiple files.
  26. Validation – simple client-side form validation.
  27. Modernizr – Taking advantage of the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3 in older browsers.
  28. excanvas – HTML5 Canvas for Internet Explorer.
  29. html5shiv – to enable use of HTML5 sectioning elements in legacy Internet Explorer.
  30. IE9.js – make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser.

Share your opinion or suggestion and let us know about other must know plugin(s) you think should be included.

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