Jun 29, 2010

NetBrij – A search engine for .NET developers

As I am working on .NET technology, I feel there are some sites/blogs/forums having enough information for common .NET development. I get the major solutions from the sites. So, I decided to create a custom search engine on the basis of the sites/blogs/forums.

I have just launched 'NetBrij' - A search engine for .NET developers.

It has different tabs belonging different sites:

MSDN tab: msdn.microsoft.com

Stackoverflow tab: stackoverflow.com

Codeproject tab: www.codeproject.com

Forums tab: forums.asp.net



Blogs tab: weblogs.asp.net




Hope, It will increase your productivity and save your time.

Thanks google to provide facility to create custom search engine.

All suggestions are welcome to improve the search engine.