Dec 01, 2010

How to Prepare Symbiosis(SCDL) exam in short time

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) is a centre of excellence, offering quality Distance Education. In this post, you will get some tips to prepare exam in short time.

1. Create an effective timetable: First decide how many subjects are to be prepared and how many chapters are in the subject. Make plan and create timetable. Give 1 or 2 days rest after each week.

2. Sit properly: Timetable is useless if you are not following. So become serious and try to achieve deadline.

3. Take down small notes: Make notes for each chapter. If you have to complete in short time, make summary note in your words. Each chapter has summary at the end of chapter. It is very useful for short time preparation.

To create online notes, You can use QKView, It is mobile, tablet friendly also. Find the below link for some SCDL notes:

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) Quick View Notes

It is very useful to revise it before examination with your mobile.

4. e-Learning content: SCDL provides highly interactive e-Learning content as a supplementary learning methodology to improve the understanding of concepts through case studies and practical examples, thereby bridging the gap between the book and the classroom. You can take idea before starting chapter.

5. Old SCDL Papers: See previous SCDL papers for practicing

6. Give Assignment One week before exam: I would suggest giving half of assignments at least one week before an exam to get idea what type of question are asked, what to read and give remaining 1-2 days before exam for testing.

7. Before examination, revise your notes and summary and give exam with confidence.

8. For Project: See guidelines here.

Select a sample project from here and download it. You can take idea from this to implement your project.

Best of Luck!!!