Bus Reservation System using ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005

Submitted By: Ankur, Nehpal


In bus reservation system there has been a collection of buses, agent who are booking tickets for customer’s journey which give bus number and departure time of the bus. According to its name it manages the details of all agent, tickets, rental details, and timing details and so on. It also manages the updating of the objects.

In the tour detail there is information about bus, who has been taking customers at their destination, it also contain the detailed information about the customer, who has been taken from which bus and at what are the number of members he or she is taking his/her journey.

This section also contain the details of booking time of the seat(s) or collecting time of the tickets, this section also contain the booking date and the name of agent which is optional, by which the customer can reserve the seats for his journey

In Bus no category it contains the details of buses which are old/new. New buses are added with the details with bus no, from city to the city, type of the bus, rent of a single seat, if the bus has sleeper than the cost of sleeper, if the cabin has the facility for sitting than the cost of cabin seats, tour timings of the new bus has also been stored. How many buses are currently given and available in office?

In seats specification it gives the list of given issued and currently available seats and contain the information about seats like sleeper, cabin etc.

The main objective of this project to provide the better work efficiency, security, accuracy, reliability, feasibility. The error occurred could be reduced to nil and working conditions can be improved.



  • Kirti Sinhal

    I modded & transformed this project into a taxi travel business.
    Now my only query remaining is that, when we book our tickets, the Ticket number generates a random code of some 11-12 digits. I want to make it a bit shorter say 4-5 digits. So plz help me on this. I edited the database in sql but dint find the table or the query pertaining to Ticket number. Plz help me here.I have attached the image here for you to solve it promptly.

  • Ezamkieni

    that is good can you explain to the procedure on how to install the system in ASP.NET

  • what is admin password or name 

  • cax

    is there sql db provided?i cannot find the db in the dowloaded file

  • can u pls help me in starting my project on online bus reservation system using asp.net and sqlserver2005.how to start my project and what will be the modules included in it.and the database.pls help me asap..

  • J Grech

    The downloadable files: presentation, report and the other file are not accessible. The link is probably dead. Can you kindly provide a working link to these files? Thanks a lot for your help and share.

  • Thanks for informing it…I’ll fix it very soon

  • sanjay kumar

    All the links are dead…please upload it as as soon as possible. I need this project.

  • updated the links.