Submitted By: Ankur


It includes Library Management,Exam management, Student Information Management, Staff management,Notice board & visitor information and admin section. It is implemented in ASP.NET C# with SQL server.



  • Guptakumanish

    Thanks to everyone for their contribution in this………………….this is really a great help. Most of the people charge for the projects and assignments. But this is great, any body can have help from these report.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Ka

    I have a question for you regarding DropDown List.I have 2 dropdown list named states and cities.So whenever i click state …automatically cities according to state should pops in dropdownlist 2.Morever if there is no city[Assume that for one state there is no city] ¬†for one of the state it must display none in there..Can you plz tell me how should i write a code for this??

  • You should create State dropdownlist SelectedIndexChanged event and bind city dropdownlist in the event. If there is no city, insert none item in city dropdown list. To select an item in dropdownlist by text, you can see following:

  • Kalyani

    what is the user name and password for admin