Dec 20, 2010

Promote your blog with Microsoft Montage

In my previous post, I have explained about Microsoft Montage-A Magazine style content aggregator. In this post, You will get tips to create a montage for your blog.

Create a Montage:

First login and give a topic to search.

Note: Your topic name is used in the montage, so give proper topic keywords for searching. After this, you need to select proper layout.

I had to add my content only, so I removed all existing content.

Visit my montage here.

Add Blog Logo

Click on "Edit or Add content"

Click on "Change Type"

Select "Images"

Search your logo and pinned it.

Click "Visual Style" tab and set it as per your choices.


If you are not able to find your logo in search result, Don't worry. Add it as a text, As I have done.

For this, Click on "Change Type"

Select "Text"

Give your blog name, set color, increase the font-size and give a link in text editor.

Save it.

Add Blog Feed:

You can add RSS feed in the section. For this,

Click on "Edit or Add content"

Click on "Change Type"

Select "RSS"

Give RSS feed URL.

If no items are pinned Montage will automatically stream real-time search results.

Save it.

Add Twitter Search:

Click on "Edit or Add content"

Click on "Change Type"

Select "Twitter"

Give topic, set visual style and save it.

Add Facebook Comment Box:

In same way, you can add Facebook comment box in the section.


On change type, the following options are supported:

Microsoft Montage Type

Similarly, You can add youtube video, Bing Twitter Maps, Twitter Timeline and News.

After creating montage, Publish it and share it to your friends.

Visit my montage.

Enjoy It.