Jan 10, 2012

Received Google Adsense Cheque

Happy New Year to all TechBrij Readers !!! Hope, you are going well to fulfill your new year resolutions. I am happy to announce that I have received my Google Adsense Cheque. I am a big fan of Google Adsense and have written some tips and placement experiments. It motivates me to write a lot more and share experience.

google adsense cheque techbrij

Now, one of my this year resolution is to make it monthly. Being a part time weekly blogger, It's not so easy but achievable.

TechBrij's Most popular posts of 2011: Let's look back 2011 posts which make this blog so popular.

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Apart from this blog, It has some other things:

1. FEDe: A Search engine for Front-End (HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery) Web developers
2. NetBrij: A Search engine for .NET developers

3. BrijPad: An online text editor for fast development

4. Tweets By Post: Wordpress Plugin

5. Dammani Family Tree

6. Final Year Projects

I removed Tools section and combined all tools in BrijPad.

Thanks Google!!!