Nov 17, 2010

Symbiosis SCDL Sample Project and Report

I have completed my PGDIT from SCDL and sharing my thoughts on final year project. Here are the instructions and guidelines by SCDL related to PGDIT final year project and about sample project.

Recommended Technologies:

The project report can be prepared using any one of the languages given below:

a) C – Programming

b) Web Technologies

c) Java Programming

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Project Report's Format:

Learners have to develop the code for the forms and reports designed.

Project will be assessed on the basis of following:

1. Study of Existing System and System Requirements (Marks 15)

• What is the existing system?

• Define its scope.

• How the existing system works?

• What are the issues/problems with the existing system?

• How are you going to improve on the issues/problems with the existing

• system?

2. Analysis (Marks 20)

• Context diagram

• Data flow diagram (Level I, II, III)

• Functional decomposition Diagram

3. Design (Marks 30)

• ER diagram

• Data dictionary

• Table design

• Input forms design

• Report Layouts

4. Coding (Marks 35)

• Quality of code

• Input data validations

• Quality of report

Sample Project:

I created my project based on above criteria. My project is "Online BUS RESERVATION SYSTEM" in ASP.NET (C#). See following link for more details:

You can see other projects here.

Hope, It helps.