Feb 24, 2019

Introducing #TechBrijTips for Micro-blogging

The beauty of Microblogging is that you can express yourself in lesser words and can share frequent and brief information on web. As its name suggests, a microblog post is based on micro (i.e. short) post. It requires less time and effort. Ideas, information and thoughts can be shared instantly once they come into your mind. So, I decided to setup Microblogging platform on TechBrij and added #TechBrijTips section to share knowledge, tips, the latest news and useful resources related to web development. As it needs less time to spend on researching a specific topic, being a part time blogger, it will be helpful to increase community and reader engagements.

Why Not Twitter?

You might be thinking why twitter is not used. The reason is how many times you searched in your tweets/bookmarks. Be honest, I would like to change search keywords instead of going in second page of Google search results. Few days back, I shared my opinion on social media to avoid 3rd party services as much as possible. Google+ is going to shutdown. The data is important. I will try to share reusable content and helpful for future reference. As an individual, It is collection of my resources.

The other thing, we can't have full control on the content in twitter. We can't add link on the text or change the formatting.


- Currently, Home page will display some recent tips.

- Publish date will be displayed bottom right corner. You can click on it to navigate the full tip page.

- You can comment on a tip.

- Similar to social media, You can click Like button.

- All tips categories will be displayed at bottom of the tip with hash which redirects to a category page having the related tips.

- You can share the tip on twitter.


What about SEO?

As search engine don't prefer short posts, so I put noindex for individual tip but allow indexing on tip categories pages. It is the beginning. Let's see the result. As the purpose is to help the community and readers, it is not so important.

Can I Submit Tips?

Yes, the easiest way is to tweet with "@techbrij #TechBrijTips". We will review it and if it meets our guidelines and quality level, will be published. The link of your tweet and twitter handle will be mentioned in the tip as in above screenshot.

How to Follow?

You can click on Subscribe button on home page to subscribe the feed in your feed reader application to get the latest tips.


With time, Cricket has Test, ODI and T20 formats. Similarly, TechBrij has Tools, Notes, Blog, and Now Microblog, one more feather in the cap. Regular blogging takes too much time to write, and too much time to read. Microblogs are much more conducive to quick, targeted conversations. Microblog posts are much more readable on mobile devices/smart phones than longer blog posts are. For a part time blogger or researcher, Microblogging is more convenient and saves a bunch of time.

I hope it will increase reader engagements.

Enjoy #TechBrijTips !!