The easiest way to track your daily expenses and incomes even with your voice and to help you better understand how you spend your money!

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HISAAB INTRO in 30 Seconds

Here is quick working view of Hisaab – An Intro in 30 seconds. This video takes you through the various features of the app.


Keep your data safe

For a financial app, it is important to understand where the data are stored. Your privacy is our topmost concern. We store your financial data only on your device.

Works Offline

It is designed to work offline. So no need to wait for data to be loaded from a remote server.

Clean User Interface

UI is designed for the best user experience with minimum clicks and swipes

Quick Entries

If you are gonna do multiple entries belong to same category/payment method or wanna use speech input, Quick tab is the best way to do.

Easy to understand

It show your expenses or incomes grouped by date with total amount for a month. Also, you can switch Payment method and category information displayed in first column with top left toggle button.

Auto-suggest Entry

when you start typing, you will get auto-suggestion for entries based on your past entries.


It allows you to search with any criteria like keyword, start date, end date, payment method or category and get the results accordingly. Also, you can edit the entry from search results by just touching the row

Powerful Reports

In Reports tab, press on top left to select “Report Type“, top right to set date range for the report. Currently, it supports Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Payment Method, Expense & Income Category Report Types.

Data Visualization

Visualize your income and expense reports with different charts. Very helpful to know where your money is going and to analyze your data. Chart and Table options are available in footer to get charts and tabular data.


Full Customization

Change currency, add or edit categories and payment modes as you like in Settings.

Export Data as CSV

You can export your data as CSV and open in any spreadsheet app! It is available for Expense, Income, Reports, Settings and in Search Results also.

Import CSV Data

You can import data from CSV files. It is very helpful to migrate data from other applications.

Backup & Restore

You can import data from CSV files. It is very helpful to migrate data from other applications.

Speech Input

One of cool features, allows you to add entry with your voice.

Feature Photo

Select language (Hindi or English), click on Mic button, you will get progress bar. Speak your item with amount and silent for a while then you will get the text below progress bar and your item is added. That's it!

Wanna Offline Speech Recognition?

For offline speech, first, you need to download language files. If your device is not able to connect online Google speech server then you will get the steps dialog to enable offline mode as displayed here.

The steps may vary on different devices with different OS version.

Feature Photo

Do you know?

Do you know the language processing of Hisaab engine converts your speech into meaningful entries? It is not only Speech to Text, but also has an additional layer to process the text and gets a proper entry.
Feature Photo


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